"[LATEST UPDATES] EID-Ul-FITR MUBARAK> Eid will be celebrated Monday 02 May 2022, there will be 4 Jamats: 8,9,10 and 11am . DONATIONS> You can now make Contactless/Bank Card Donations in the masjid."

"The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give zakah and do not fear except Allah, for it is expected that those will be of the [rightly] guided."
Surah Tauba [9:18]


GAZA Emergency Relief – In Action! Please Donate.

Thanks to the kind donations and generosity of Madni Jamia Masjid community in Bradford 3, UK, we have been able to provide much needed support to people in Gaza. All the funds collected for Fitrana have been spent on this cause.

The pictures below show what difference this is making on ground.

Please note our Emergency relief appeal for Gaza is still ongoing and we aim to send all donations received to this cause.

So please donate now via:

PayPAL – click DONATE NOW  here or on the menu (select campaign for Palestine Appeal)

Or directly via Internet Banking –

Account name: Islamic Cultural and Educational Association (ICEA)
Sort code: 05-03-23
Account No: 18342598
Ref: “Palestine Appeal

Or in Person in the Masjid, if not before then on Jumma.

Jazak’Allah Khairun for your support.