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"The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give zakah and do not fear except Allah, for it is expected that those will be of the [rightly] guided."
Surah Tauba [9:18]


Our Facilities

Ground Floor Facilities

Reception Area

Shoe racks align most of the wall space around the Reception – reminding the faithful to remove their shoes - before prayer; to ensure that the ground in the masjid is kept clean at all times.

A host of literature is exhibited on the Reception table informing about various community and religious activities. Prominent notice boards also display relevant topical information and notify members of the public about the financial status of the charity, A phone is available in reception for visitors who require information.

Ground Floor Prayer Hall

The Ground Floor Prayer Hall is approached from the reception Area. This is the most widely used and accessible space within our masjid. Our congregation is familiar with this particular area; as it is where Muslims attend regularly for their five daily prayers.

All the design features in our masjid offer the worshippers a simple focal point within a space that builds a calm and tranquil atmosphere - conducive only to prayer and reflection.

The main hall features a niche or arch (Mihrab) in the East wall known as the Qibla wall. This wall faces towards the direction of the Kaa'ba (First House of Allah on Earth) in the city of Makkah and indicates the direction Muslims must face when praying to Allah.

There is also a pulpit positioned beside the Mihrab. The pulpit also known as the Minbar, is the place from where the Imam will addresses his sermons and lectures.

Bookshelves bearing copies of the Holy Qur'an in various languages are also situated along the Qibla wall.

The Ground Floor Prayer Hall is furnished with a patterned carpet which indicates the position of Qibla for worshippers.

There are numerous pillars to support the structural design and arch shaped windows lining one side of the Main Hall. The curved roof is inlaid with numerous geometric panels which create a simple - aesthetic feature.

Three medium sized rooms are accessible from this hall. The rooms are predominately used as classrooms for the teaching and learning of the Madrassah children.

However, these rooms are also used occasionally for Marriage services & the Imam hold personal consultations with individual members of the community.

There are two separate fire exits located off the hall for emergency evacuation procedures.


The kitchen has standard appliances and fittings and was kindly donated by a local, congregation member.

The Adhān, the Call to Prayer would traditionally be announced from the Minarets. This call is still delivered by the Muazzin from the minaret but by way of an electronic audio system located at the base of the minaret which then amplifies the live broadcast across the masjid building and outside via speaker; during the Council permitted times.

Main Car Park & Hartley Hall Car Park

The masjid has ample spaces for car parking in the existing car park.

In addition a further car park has been created on the Hartley Hall site of the masjid that can be accessed from the main car park.

Currently, the Hartley Hall car park does not have any marked spaces. Therefore, please park with responsibility ensuring entrances and others cars are not blocked.


The masjid gardens are located within the main car park. Low shrubs and bedding plants have been used to create a minimal garden at the front and side of the masjid; which provide optimal foliage to the surrounding area. Whilst at the back of the masjid a lawned area provides further visual interest within the enclosed environment.